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TCCU Online

Resources for Existing Cardholders

Redeeming Cash Back

View and redeem your cash back by clicking on Credit Card within TCCU Online. You can apply your earnings to your credit card balance or deposit it into your Town & Country account. 

  • Cash Back redemption can only be accessed using TCCU Online through an internet browser, not the mobile app. 
  • Don't have TCCU Online access? Sign up for online access or let us help you redeem your cash back by calling 1-800-872-6358

Plus, earn additional cash back when shopping at select retailers! View bonus Cash Back offerings by logging into TCCU Online using an internet browser. Click Credit Card, then click on Rewards to view and activate bonus offers.

Redeeming Rewards Points

If you are currently earning rewards points with your Visa Signature® (cards opened before 9/1/22), you can redeem and check your points: 

Switch from Rewards Points to Cash Back

If you currently earn Rewards Points and want to switch to Unlimited Cash Back, you may update your Rewards choice. To process this change, we will close your current credit card and issue a new one which you will receive in 7-10 business days.

Making a Credit Card Payment

Apply for a Credit Card or a Limit Increase

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I chose Town & Country because they are reliable. Town & Country has helped me get a loan for my car and, secondly, to get a loan for my church instruments... It’s always positive anytime I come, so I’m very happy to be with Town & Country.
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