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How do I Set Up Direct Deposit?

Setting up a direct deposit into your Town & Country Checking Account is easy! But you must use the correct information to get your funds when needed. When setting up your direct deposit, whether it's for payroll, taxes,     or other payments, they'll ask for your routing number and your unique account number or MICR number. Here's how you can find them:

  • Account/MICR Number: There are two ways to find this:
    1. Log into TCCU Online and select the account you want to use. In the account history screen, click on the drop-down arrow next to Account Details. Your MICR number is the third item listed.
    2. You can also find your MICR number at the bottom of your check blanks.
  • TCCU Routing: Our routing number is in the same account history screen within TCCU Online described above, at the bottom of every page on the TCCU website, or on the bottom left corner of your check blanks. Every Town & Country Credit Union member uses the same routing number. Our routing number is 291378871.
  • Direct Deposit Account Verification Form: Want your MICR Number and our Routing number in an easy-to-read document? Request a Direct Deposit Account Verification Form from a TCCU Representative. View a sample. Please note that you will need to request one to ensure you have your unique account/MICR number. 

Your account/MICR number is unique to you and your specific account (checking, savings, etc.). Your checks will only reflect the account number for that checking account, but you can view the account numbers for all your accounts within TCCU Online. 


Are you used to using your member number + suffix instead of the MICR/account number?

That won't always work. To ensure your direct deposit isn't rejected by our system, please double-check the direct deposit information you're using. Verify your unique MICR/account number and routing number. 

Why does MICR matter?

MICR stands for magnetic ink character recognition – referencing the technology used to add MICR numbers on physical checks. However, MICR numbers have value outside of physical checks, as well. Your member number is a shorter string of numbers that acts as the overall identifying number for all your accounts with Town & Country Credit Union. The MICR includes additional digits that tell our system specifically which account to deposit to/withdraw. By using the MICR and routing number together for direct deposits and other ACH payments/withdrawals, the system can work as it should and process your transactions automatically.

Still have questions?

Give us a call at 1-800-872-6358 for additional assistance. 

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