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Sponsorships & Donations

We believe in supporting our communities as much as we can, whether it be through volunteering or financial support. To help direct our funds in accordance with our organization's goals, we've created guidelines for the types of organizations and events that we will support.

If you're a nonprofit account holder at Town & Country (501c3 or cooperative), you've come to the right place! This is the form you should use to request up to 40 hours of volunteer time or sponsorships/charitable donations. Learn more about becoming a member and accessing these benefits.

The form should be used by BOTH members and non-members who would like to request volunteers or financial contributions. Members requesting volunteers or financial contributions will be given preference.

You will be contacted within 1 week regarding your request.

For a glimpse into the organizations we've chosen to support and our employees' involvement in the community, visit our News page, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram.

Sponsorship and Volunteer Request Guidelines

Charitable Contributions, Corporate Sponsorship and Volunteer Request Guidelines

We may choose to make charitable donations to or purchase sponsorships from qualifying organizations which include designated 501c3 nonprofits, accredited educational institutions and community events or organizations. Organizations which are Town & Country members and requesting individuals who are Town & Country members will be given preference.


While we know there are many worthy causes in our area, our organization has chosen to focus our support on the four causes below:

  1. Supporting the development of local children and young adults through education and enrichment opportunities.
  2. Preventing homelessness, hunger and illness in the communities we serve.
  3. Supporting the continued development of the agricultural community in our region.
  4. Promoting and improving community quality of life.

If your organization does not support at least one of the causes listed, we will not be able to grant your request at this time.


The benefits offered in exchange for a sponsorship will be considered when reviewing requests. To be considered for a sponsorship or donation, your event or activity should:

  1. Take place within our field of membership (within 50 miles of Fargo/Moorhead, within 75 miles of Minot, or within 50 miles of Kenmare)
  2. Not support a religious or political organization or particular individual
  3. Submit a request by October of the year prior to your event if requesting an amount greater than $1,000

We ask that all sponsorship requests be submitted through our online form for our records. If you have any questions about these guidelines or your sponsorship request, contact 

Sponsorship & Volunteer Request Form

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