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Visa Account Updater

In response to Visa® requirements, all Town & Country Credit Union debit and credit cards are enrolled in the Visa® Account Updater (VAU) service. The VAU service provides updates to merchants that have registered with Visa® and maintain your Visa® debit or credit card information on file to process your preauthorized recurring payments. 

Complete and submit the information for the account updater form if you would like your Town & Country Credit Union card(s) to be opted out of the VAU service. Choosing to opt-out Visa® will not provide your updated card number to any merchant who maintains your current card on file. If you do not wish to complete the form online, you may opt-out by calling us at 800-872-6358.

You can choose to opt-in to VAU service at a later date. 

Account Updater Form

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