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Switch to your new Checking Account in Four Easy Steps

If you recently opened a checking account at Town & Country Credit Union or plan to soon, we can help you make the switch. Here are four steps to help you switch your automatic deposits and withdrawals to your new account, making your transition as smooth as possible. 

  1. Get Organized. Review the last three months of activity from your old bank or credit union account. Use our Transaction Checklist to look for automated deposits or withdrawals that need to be moved and updated.
  2. Set Up Direct Deposit. Use our Direct Deposit Account Verification form to set up direct deposit easily. Stop by any location, and we will print a form that contains our routing number, your account number and a sample voided check. Call us at 1-800-872-6358 to request a copy be securely emailed to you. You'll then submit this form to your employer's payroll department, the Social Security office, a pension or retirement plan administrator, brokerages, or another organization that handles your automatic deposits. 
  3. Move Automatic Payments. For information on changing transfers or automatic payments, contact each vendor or log into your online accounts. 
  4. Close Your Old Account. After receiving direct deposits into your Town & Country account and payments are no longer coming out of your old account, contact your old bank or credit union and let them know you'd like to close your account.


    Not just an account

    I would always recommend Town & Country to my friends and family… I feel like I’m a real person and not just an account.
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