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84th Annual Meeting Recap

Town & Country Credit Union hosted its 84th Annual Meeting on March 23, 2023. The meeting included reports from the Board Chair, DelRae Geinert, the Credit Union’s President/CEO, Brad Houle, and a report of the Board of Directors election.  

DelRae Geinert's report shared that Town & Country maintains a strong financial position while continuing to grow. This year, the credit union surpassed 25,000 members while earning a 98% member satisfaction rating. Each new member who joins the credit union is one more person benefiting from low loan rates and local, personalized service. She highlighted a few statistics that illustrate how the credit union is giving back to members:

  • Members earned over $2.4 million in dividends and interest this past year.
  • Youth members earned an additional $35,860 in deposit matches and special offers.
  • The credit union finances 452 home purchases, 1,564 car loans and nearly 500,000 Visa credit card purchases.
  • More and more farmers, ranchers and business owners trust Town & Country for their ag and commercial loans and deposit accounts - adding 213 new business members this past year. 

DelRae closed her report by thanking Kalli Schell, Senior Executive Vice President, for stepping in as Interim CEO for much of the year. Kalli's experience and leadership were invaluable while the board searched for the next CEO. DelRae introduced and welcomed Brad Houle, President/CEO.

Brad Houle's report highlighted the credit union's history is rooted in agriculture. He thanked the members for choosing Town & Country, the Board of Directors for their leadership and employees for their commitment. He then welcomed Jay Landsiedel, Chief Financial Officer, to share a financial update. Jay reinforced the credit union is financially strong and growing responsibly. He specifically shared: 

  • Assets totaled $635,862,618 at year-end.
  • Equity totals $79,583,591, a 12.5% equity ratio.
  • The credit union believes the best investment is providing loans to members taking $55 million out of investments and putting it into loans in 2022.
  • Loans increased by 11.7% in 2022.
  • The credit union has a diversified loan portfolio that helps mitigate risk - split between consumer, ag and commercial.

He closed his comments by sharing that the credit union is strong and poised for success.

Next, it was shared the nominating committee submitted two candidates for consideration for the Board of Directors. DelRae Geinert of Minot (incumbent), Jan Kostad of Kenmare were up for election to fill the Minot Board seat and Kenmare Board seat. Since the candidates each ran unopposed, they were both elected after members voted electronically, by phone or by mail in the weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting.  There was no new business, comments, or questions from the members in attendance. 

    View the recording of the Annual Meeting Video:

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