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Mobile App Update

Our mobile app has been updated and you will soon see an update notification on your device either on the app icon or within the app store depending on your device.
This update offers a smoother mobile experience with an improved look with menu and navigation enhancements. It also includes full session fingerprint authentication for supported devices allowing users to log in with just a touch, as well as Facial ID and full screen support for iPhone X.
This update should be seamless with no need to change your login credentials.

We are aware of two issues that you may encounter. For Apple users a 'Bad Request' error message may be displayed when logging in for the first time if you are selecting 'save information,' 'use fingerprint' or 'facial recognition.' To remedy this:

    1. Log in to the app without selecting 'save information,' 'use fingerprint' or 'facial recognition.' 
    2. The app will then ask you to verify the last four digits of your social security number as you log in.
    3. Log off and then log back in, selecting one of those choices and it will work, saving your selection.

    Also, Money Manager is not working for all members and accessing it may cause the app to crash. Our developer is aware of both of these issues and is working to correct them. 

    If you have questions about the update, please call 1-800-872-6358 and our contact center staff will assist you. 

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    News and Events

    Tammy Green, Town & Country Credit Union IT Specialist
    April 16, 2019
    Tammy Green was elected to the Souris Valley United Way Board of Directors in November 2018 and was recently elected as...
    Stephanie Silverthorn, Town & Country Credit Union Human Resources Director
    April 15, 2019
    Recently, Stephanie Silverthorn was elected to the Credit Unions United Chapter Board of Directors in Minot. The Credit...
    Bunny, grass, easter Meet the Easter Bunny
    March 25, 2019
    What do eggs, adorable photos and fun all have in common? All three will be present at our Town & Country Credit...
    Hands of a team
    November 26, 2018
    We’re on a mission to be the best we can be for our communities. A big part of that is supporting local nonprofits so...
    International Credit Union Day. Find the platinum lining in credit unions. Thursday, October 18.
    October 15, 2018
    Each year, we celebrate International Credit Union Day! This day is designated to highlight the unique member-owned...
    Rodeo Week 2018 October 1-5
    September 25, 2018
    Each year, our Stanley location celebrates Rodeo Week the first week of October along with our Minot location . Stanley...
    Rodeo Week 2018 October 1-5
    September 25, 2018
    It’s become a tradition for our Minot office to celebrate the Minot Y’s Men’s Rodeo during the first week of October...
    Town & Country raised over $3,000 for Relay for Life
    July 2, 2018
    A Relay for Life team made up of 15 employees from our Minot Main location , also known as the TCCU Support Squad,...
    Our newest branch located at 3342 Sheyenne Street in West Fargo is officially open!
    May 21, 2018
    Our newest branch located at 3342 Sheyenne Street in West Fargo is officially open! To celebrate the grand opening of...