Town & Country Credit Union is governed by a board of seven volunteers elected by the credit union's membership. The Board members, each representing a designated region of our membership, are charged with setting the credit union's policies and overall goals.

In March, the membership voted to elect to the board, Kalvin Larson (Minot) and Wendy Loucks (Fargo) to serve three-year terms, and Curtis Smith (At-Large, Minot) for a one-year term.

They will serve alongside Kevin Harmon (Minot), Jan Kostad (Kenmare), DelRae Geinert (Minot) and David Ripplinger (At-Large, Fargo). In April, the Board held its reorganization meeting and elected the new Board executive committee for the next year.

  • Jan Kostad will serve as Board Chair. Jan is a practicing CPA in Kenmare, N.D.

  • David Ripplinger will serve as Vice Chair. David is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University and an economics specialist with NDSU Extension.

  • Kalvin Larson will serve as Secretary/Treasurer. Kalvin is currently the Vice President - Williston Basin with Creedence Energy Services.

They will hold these positions for one year. Learn more about the credit union's Board of Directors. 


Photo of Jan Kostad TCCU Board Chair

Jan Kostad
Board Chair

Photo of David Ripplinger TCCU Vice Chair

David Ripplinger
Vice Chair

Photo of Kalvin Larson TCCU Treasurer/Secretary

Kalvin Larson