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TCCU Online

How to Close Your TCCU Online Account

If you are planning to close your TCCU Online account, here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Download all eStatements before requesting the deletion.
  2. Cancel any scheduled or recurring Bill Pay or Pay a Person transactions.
  3. Cancel any scheduled or recurring Zelle® transfers.
  4. Make sure your address is up to date with Town & Country Credit Union, as statements will be mailed to you after the deletion.

Please note that access to the following products and features will be removed when you deactivate your TCCU Online account:

  • eStatements: Your statements will now be mailed to your address on file.
  • Star Rewards: Checking account holders signed up for Star Rewards will no longer receive their monthly rewards since eStatements is a requirement for the program. 
  • Person-to-Person Transfers: You will no longer be able to use Zelle® or Pay a Person.
  • Online Bill Pay: You will no longer have access to Online Bill Pay.
  • Alerts: Any alerts set up through TCCU Online will stop working once the account is closed.
If you submit your request during business hours, your online account will be deleted within one hour. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-872-6358.

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