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CDs in West Fargo, North Dakota

If you need a place to park some cash while also earning some of the best interest rates available, then check out our CDs (Certificate of Deposit) at Town & Country Credit Union. You’ll earn more than you would with a traditional savings account or money market account. And even if rates dip in the future, you’ll lock in your fixed CD rate for the entire length of its term.

Why Choose a CD with Town & Country Credit Union in West Fargo?

We offer flexible options with our Certificate of Deposits. For starters, our minimum opening deposits are quite lower than most other financial institutions. Instead of needing thousands of dollars to access the best rates, you can get started with just $200 to $500, depending on which CD you choose.

Once your account is funded, that rate is locked in for the entire term. When the CD matures, you can either withdraw the funds and close the account or renew it for the latest rates at the time of your CD renewal.

CD Options for Town & Country Members in West Fargo

West Fargo residents get access to a few different types of CDs at Town & Country Credit Union. Explore each one to find the best pick for your savings goals.

  • CDs: It takes just $500 to open a CD at Town & Country, and includes flexible terms. Lock in your funds from anywhere between six months and five years. Whether you need the funds shortly or want to lock in a rate for the long haul, you've got options. CDs with terms of 36 months or greater allow for a bump up after the first year. This means that members can choose to "bump up" to the current rate during the term of the CD.
  • Growth Builder 12-Month CD: This CD is for kids and young adults aged 0 to 23. It takes just a $200 opening deposit and has no early withdrawal fees, perfect for kids who might need to access their funds for school tuition or larger purchases like a laptop, phone or first car.
  • CD Special: Town & Country Credit Union typically offers at least one CD Special. This CD is for a specific term at a higher, special rate. This special is only available for a limited time. Like our other CDs, the minimum deposit to open is only $500. CD Specials are excluded from rate bump-ups. The funds are transferred to your deposit or money market account when the CD matures.

Choose your favorite West Fargo Certificate of Deposit today!

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