In our commitment to transparency and safeguarding your privacy, we want to inform members about an aspect of the mortgage application process that may impact your experience.

After you submit a mortgage application, a standard credit check is conducted. This routine procedure is essential for assessing your financial eligibility for a mortgage, and it can trigger what is known as a "trigger lead."

What is a Trigger Lead?

Trigger leads are legal and are generated by the three major credit bureaus based on recent credit activities. After your credit report is pulled by the credit union the credit bureaus add you to a list of consumers who have had their credit pulled. Your inquiry data may then be sold by the bureaus to a lender or creditor. It's important to note that these solicitors have no affiliation with Town & Country Credit Union, and your personal information is not being sold or shared by the Credit Union.

How can I opt out of Trigger Leads?

Unsolicited phone calls and emails can be intrusive and annoying. Here are a few solutions to ensure you have control over your personal information. You can Opt Out of firm, credit, or insurance offers through the official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website or register your phone with the National Do Not Call Registry.

Your privacy is paramount to our team of experienced professionals. We appreciate your trust and encourage you to take advantage of the registration options to maintain control over your information.

Thank you for being a member of Town & Country Credit Union. We remain dedicated to ensuring your financial journey with us is secure, transparent, and tailored to your needs.

If you would like more information or to visit with one of our mortgage lenders, please contact our lenders for a free mortgage consultation.