October is a special month where we focus on keeping our online world safe. This year, we're talking about a sneaky trick called "Text Phishing" or "Smishing." It's like those scam emails but through text messages.

What's Smishing? Imagine getting a text that looks like it's from us or another company you trust, but it's actually from a scammer trying to trick you. That's smishing!

Why Should You Care?

  • Quick Decisions: We often reply to texts quickly. Scammers know this and try to rush you.
  • Trust: We usually trust our texts because they're often from friends or family.
  • Bad Links: These texts can have links that, if clicked, can cause trouble.

Stay Safe with These Tips:

  1. If a text seems odd, even if it looks like it's from someone you know, double-check. Call the company or person using a number you already have, not the one in the text.
  2. If you're unsure about a text, don't click any links in it.
  3. If a text feels off or asks for personal info, be cautious.
  4. If you get a weird text from Town & Country Credit Union, let us know.
  5. Never give out your 2factor authentication code to anyone

: Town & Country Credit Union will NEVER call or text you asking for private details like usernames or passwords. Even if you get a call from what looks like a Town & Country Credit Union phone number, hang up and call us back at 1-800-872-6358 to confirm you are talking to a Town & Country employee.

Let's keep each other safe. Thanks for being a valued member!