Business members using the Town & Country CU Business mobile app will need to download and switch to the Town & Country CU mobile app after June 21, 2023. Updates will no longer be made to the Town & Country CU Business mobile app. The purpose of this change is to consolidate the apps for Town & Country consumers and business members into one app.

What does this mean? It means business members will need to download the Town & Country CU mobile app and delete the Town & Country CU Business mobile app. Users will be able to use the profile swap feature at the top of the login screen to choose the profile they want to log into--business or consumer. For consumer members, this will not affect your mobile app experience other than you'll notice a slight change to the login screen. 

What to expect for business members:

  • Delete the Town & Country CU Business mobile app (icon for the app below in red) on or after June 21 and replace it with the Town & Country CU mobile app.
  • Download the Town & Country CU mobile app in the Apple Store or Google Play after June 21 and begin using this app to log into your business accounts. If you are a business member, have a consumer account and already use the Town & Country CU mobile app for personal use, you will have the added convenience of logging in through one app.
  • The login screen will have a new profile swap button at the top (see below). This is for those who have both a business and consumer account login. You can save your credentials to easily log in and out of your accounts.


What to expect for consumers:

  • You do not need to re-download the app.
  • Your login credentials will be saved and you should not need to re-login.
  • The profile swap button will only appear if you have logged in with a personal account and a business account after June 21. If you have only logged into one type of account, the profile swap button will not be there. 

Mobile app login screenMobile App Profile Swap


Updates like this help improve the mobile experience for members and allow us to continue to add new features. If you need help logging in or have any questions, please call us at 1-800-872-6358. We're here to help!