The housing market can be a confusing landscape to navigate when you're in the market to buy. Putting down roots and starting this next chapter is exciting, but where should you start? Choosing a local mortgage lender ensures a smooth and rewarding home-buying experience. Here are a few key reasons to choose a local mortgage lender.

Our Lenders Live Here

A local lender knows the market in your area, understands housing prices and the cost of living in your community, and has intimate knowledge of the general economy, which allows them to provide valuable insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Acting in Your Best Interest 

It can be easy for large lending companies to add on high or unnecessary fees. While mortgage fees are necessary, you can trust that we won't nickel and dime you for unneeded costs. Our lenders are upfront and transparent with costs and fees associated with your mortgage.

Access to Local Programs and Incentives

Our lenders are experienced in various local and state programs, including first-time homebuyer programs in North Dakota and Minnesota and down payment assistance programs. Their top priority is finding you the best financing options at an excellent rate for your unique situation.

 Prioritizing your Experience

Our lenders have built solid reputations in our communities, and they genuinely care about your home-buying experience. Their goal is to provide each borrower with a high level of customer service, from personalized attention to responsive communications. Working with a local lender also means you have the flexibility to meet and communicate in person, on the phone or online – whichever you choose.   

 Support your Community by Borrowing Local

As a member-owned financial cooperative, profits generated by Town & Country are re-invested into the credit union, ultimately benefiting our members, employees and the communities we serve. By borrowing locally, you're helping us provide good jobs, support local businesses and give to charitable initiatives. 

Schedule a free mortgage consultation with one of our local mortgage lenders using our Free Mortgage Consultation Form, or give us a call at 1-800-872-6358 to be connected to a lender.