The home and auto insurance packages that are offered in the market today have more bells and whistles than ever. For example, a comprehensive policy could include service line coverage to extend coverage to the water and electrical service lines outside of your house, auto endorsements to cover exposure for Uber and Lyft drivers, or identity theft protection coverage.

With that, it’s easy to start to assume that most everything is covered. But in reality, every insurance policy has limitations and each household has different and unique coverage needs. Check out a few of those limitations you might not be aware of.

Did you know?

  • Your recreational motorized vehicles are only covered for liability and property coverage while on your premises unless insured separately or endorsed properly. So, if you’re driving your 4-wheeler between insured farm parcels, it’s not covered there. Even your child’s ride-on electric play car isn’t covered if you leave your own yard or drive on a public sidewalk. These can be covered, but it requires some discussion and customization.
  • You likely have a comfortable amount of personal property coverage on your home, farm or renter’s policy. However, that coverage is limited to 10% off premises. So don’t assume everything in your storage unit or in the camper is covered. Again, it can be covered with some help from your agent.
  • When renting a car at the airport, it’s easy to assume that you are covered for all exposures under your personal auto policy. That may or may not be true. There are some potential exposures that rental car companies can access at claim time that may not be covered. Sometimes it may make sense to take that expensive insurance that the rental car company offers. Ask your agent.

This is just a sampling of the many unique situations that can come up. It is really important to work with a professional insurance agent and to take the time to review your personal situation so you don't get caught off guard later.

There’s a national company that advertises that 15 minutes or less as the amount of time you should spend on your insurance. But you're insuring your car, your home, your boat, your camper — these are among the most valuable assets that you have. Aren’t they worth more than 15 minutes?

Make sure you’re covered. Talk to your agent, ask questions, and don’t assume. Our Town & Country Insurance Agency team is here to help.

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