The Town & Country Credit Union Board of Directors elected executive committee positions at their March 21, 2022 meeting.

DelRae Geinert will serve as Board Chair. DelRae joined the board in 2017 and has held the Board Chair position for four years.

Kevin Harmon will serve as Vice Chair. Kevin joined the board in 2019 and has held the Vice Chair position for two years.

Jeff Stremick will serve as the Secretary/Treasurer. Jeff joined the board in 2018 and has held the Secretary/Treasurer position for three years.

As a member-owned cooperative, Town & Country Credit Union is governed by a seven-person volunteer board of directors. Board members must be credit union members and are elected by the membership for three-year terms. Board executive committee positions are held on one-year terms. 

DelRae Geinert
Board Chair

Kevin Harmon
Board Vice Chair

Jeff Stremick