It's 'I Saved a Member' story time and we've got a two-for-one for you today! A member came in to get a loan for home improvement, but when he was here Deanna Lovelace, Financial Services Officer, noticed that she could help him save by refinancing his camper loan AND his auto loan too!

"She was able to drop his RV loan rate by 4.5% saving him $4,542.46 in interest over the life of his loan. Then, she was able to drop his auto loan rate by 1.7%, saving him an additional $1,685.05 in interest.

Add those together and you get a total of $6,237.15. That's BIG savings!"

Way to make a difference for our members, Deanna! Want to see how much you can save by refinancing your auto or RV loans? Check out our rates and apply online today! 

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