When you think of insurance your mind likely goes to auto or home insurance, but Town & Country Insurance Agency (TCIA) offers that and much more. Plus, we work with a variety of insurance providers rather than just one company, so our agents are perfectly positioned to find you a policy that fits your personalized needs at a good value. Our experienced agents in Fargo, Minot, Bottineau and Berthold are here to offer trusted advice and answer those “what ifs” that are weighing on your mind. Here’s a quick look at how we could help:

  • Looking for coverage for your farm? TCIA offers a full-line of the most competitive farm property, liability, crop/hail and multi-peril carriers in the industry.
  • Wondering if your business insurance coverage is sufficient with the increases in building costs and real estate values? We offer solutions for many small businesses and can advise you on risks you may face related to data compromise, employee liability exposures, and more.
  • Concerned about increasing health insurance costs? Our experienced agents can offer options with individual, group and Medicare product carriers in North Dakota and Minnesota.
  • How can I protect my family and my assets from the risks of disability, long-term health care needs and premature death? When planning for these risks, you should at least consider long-term and short-term disability products, long-term care options provided by both health and life insurance policies, and other supplemental and individual products. Sound complicated? We can help you determine which policies will best suit your needs and give you peace of mind.
  • Wondering if your boat, ATV, motorcycle or other toys are covered? They might not be. Don’t assume they’re covered under your home or farm policy. We can help make sure you are getting the comprehensive and affordable coverage you need for these important items.
  • And of course, we do offer home and auto insurance – making Town & Country your convenient one-stop when purchasing a new home or vehicle. But aren’t all policies pretty much the same? Short answer: No. We can help you assess your needs and determine which level of coverage you actually need so you don’t get caught in a bad place later if something does happen. One unexpected accident or issue can jeopardize your entire financial future if you’re not covered correctly. Your peace of mind is worth more than saving a few bucks.

Whether you’re a young couple establishing your home and family or someone who is retired or preparing to do so, you need reliable information so you can make informed decisions. You’ll always get that trusted advice and information from Town & Country Insurance Agency. Call us at 1-866-639-1261 or request a quote online today.

Town & Country Insurance Agency is owned by Town & Country Credit Union. TCIA has been serving members and non-members since 2007. We respect your privacy and do not share your member data with TCIA.