When Minot native Bryan Juenger found out that his home was being bought out and he was eligible for the Resilient Homebuyer Program through the City of Minot, he started shopping for mortgage officers who could help. After visiting a few financial institutions, DelRae Zimmerman, his real estate agent with Brokers 12, suggested he contact Lisa Thuner, Executive Mortgage Officer at Town & Country Credit Union in Minot.

“I felt like she was really there to help me and not just to get more business,” said Bryan about his first interactions with Lisa. “She explained things to me in laymen’s terms so I could understand it.”

With the many requirements that come with accessing the Resilient Homebuyer Program, clear and consistent communication was key. “Lisa called me regularly throughout the process,” said Bryan. “She was constantly communicating with me so I never had to call in to the credit union to see what was happening.”

Lisa and DelRae worked closely with the City of Minot and North Dakota Housing Finance Agency throughout the month long process to make sure that all the requirements were met in order to maximize the benefits that Bryan would receive. Since this was the first home loan to close in Minot using this brand new program, there were some specifics that needed to be worked through, but they were able to get everything figured out and Bryan received the full $60,000 benefit.

“Lisa Thuner is one of the best people I’ve ever dealt with,” said Bryan. “She really knows her thing and she’ll fight to get you what you need. I was blessed to have Lisa and DelRae on my side during this process.”

The Resilient Homebuyer Program is a homebuyer incentive program through the City of Minot Resiliency Fund and the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency. Qualified buyers may be eligible for up to $60,000 in gap funding to help them purchase a home. These funds are in the form of a forgivable loan. In order to qualify, your home must be being acquired for the Minot flood control project or you must have lived in a home or apartment during the 2011 flood that was significantly damaged. Qualifying buyers must also meet the low to moderate income requirements from the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency. Learn more about the program and additional qualifications.

“It’s definitely worth other people trying to qualify for this program,” Bryan concluded. “It’s a lot of work – they want to know everything – but the benefits are worth it. I highly recommend DelRae and Lisa to everyone going through this process.”