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What's a Credit Union?

Credit unions, by definition, are nonprofit financial cooperatives that offer their members a rewarding community approach to finance, along with checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and home, auto, business, and agriculture loans.

How to Join

Membership within credit unions can be based on various characteristics, including employer, location, and family. For example, to qualify for membership at Town & Country Credit Union, an individual must:

  • Live within 75 miles of Minot or 50 miles of Fargo or Kenmare; or have an immediate family member that is already a Town & Country member
  • Open a share savings account and deposit at least $5

Your Voice Matters

These individuals are not just customers of the credit union – they own it! Members are encouraged to:

  • Voice their opinions
  • Attend annual meetings
  • Run for election to the board of directors

Regardless of account size, each member casts a vote.

Membership Benefits

The community approach of a credit union goes further than ownership alone. Profits generated within the credit union are retained within the organization and are returned to the members in the form of:

  • Better products and services
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Philanthropic giving within the communities they serve

A credit union pools the deposits of its members to fund low-interest loans, reducing or eliminating reliance on outside capital.

On top of the products, services, and rates, credit unions are known for providing personalized service to impact their member's financial success positively.

Reliable and Positive.

I chose Town & Country because they are reliable. Town & Country has helped me get a loan for my car and, secondly, to get a loan for my church instruments... It’s always positive anytime I come, so I’m very happy to be with Town & Country.
Titus | Member Since 2019
Non-Profit Leader
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