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Credit Union Curious

Credit Union Curious?

Are you into low loan rates? ATM fee refunds? How about cash back on purchases? Do you like being treated right? If so, then you're going to LOVE Town & Country Credit Union.

Town & Country Credit Union has a lot to offer and if you’re looking for cash back on purchases and ATM fee refunds, look no further than Star Rewards. By signing up for Star Rewards you’ll be rewarded for using your debit card, having direct deposit and getting eStatements. Click here to learn more.

What’s a Credit Union?

Everyone needs a place to stash their cash. But some people want their money to do more than just sit there, gathering virtual dust. Credit unions, by definition, are nonprofit financial cooperatives that offer these individuals a rewarding community approach to finance, along with checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and home, auto, business and agriculture loans. 

Town & Country Credit Union was founded in Minot, North Dakota in 1939 and provides services to a group of individuals who are united by where they live.
To be a member of Town & Country you need to:

  • Live within 75 miles of Minot or 50 miles of Fargo or Kenmare
  • Open a $50 savings account

These members are not just customers of the credit union – they own it!
Members are encouraged to:

  • Voice their opinions
  • Attend annual meetings
  • Run for election to the board of directors.

Regardless of account size, each member casts a vote, and they all count as equals.

The community approach goes further than ownership alone. Profits generated within the credit union are retained within the organization and are returned to the members in the form of:

  • Better products and services
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Through philanthropic giving within the communities they serve 

A credit union pools the deposits of its members to fund low-interest loans, reducing or eliminating reliance on outside capital.

“Money can’t buy happiness,” or at least that’s how the old saying goes.
Yet, when you become a credit union member, your money funds happiness – all while collecting dividends … completely dust-free.

Ready to become a member?


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